A Journey Of A Thousand Sites Begins with A Single Click… is it?

It’s the new age. You can go far by just few clicks of your mouse. The Web is now the ‘second world’ for most of us. Why not? You search data for your reports by googling them, while back then you browse through the school library for books and more books. You meet and chat with friends online, while back then you used to sit for hours at warung mamak just to keep up with your friends’ latest updates.

The Web has generated a new generation.

I’m a part of the generation. My sisters and I got our first computer when we were around 9-10 years old. Since then, the computer has been close to me. Surprisingly, one of the reasons I decided not to go to boarding school is because I don’t want to have limited time with computers. My research, studies and works have been around computers. As the above mentioned, a journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click. You can find almost anything on the web. And you can even create the almost impossible things with computers. I do feel that way, because of my limitation of working conventional arts. Computers help me express my idea in the form of graphics.

Then again, it doesn’t only come with sugar and honey. There’s the bitter part of it.

The dependency to computers or to be precise the Web, has lead to a habit of acquiring knowledge without knowing the source. I’ve been there. And worst, it spreads like wildfire.

I’d remember on time, during one of my slots ( IT-IPIJ.fm ), I’ve mentioned few tips on how to wisely use your time while browsing through the web. One thing we’d missed is the HUMAN TOUCH.

Human will do less conventional-book reading, assuming that everything is on the tips of your fingers. People will keep-in-touching lesser in the more humane way : Meet up, have a few drinks or mee goreng, shake hands, hugs and all. The closest you can get is watching your friends’ faces via webcam, listening to their voice, and see expression via Emoticons :).


Blame Napster, for starting these lifestyles? Sitting in your room, sharing and talking about your favorite songs to people you don’t know, spending hours and hours downloading… ( Ironically, the reason behind Napster was to ease the pain of waiting for hours when downloading songs, faster downloads but no change for the time spent I guess )

Blame Friendster, Facebook or My Space for creating our own comfort zone where you don’t have to go out to meet new people?

Blame ourselves.


You’ll find your journey far more interesting with the magic touch of the HUMAN TOUCH. May it be conventional reading, meeting and saying goodbye to your friends with handshakes, watching them smiling and crying… priceless.

Some of the people do not enjoy the bittersweet of knowledge anymore because they acquired them easily.

Don’t forget the paper, people!


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